RS Dash Licensing

Frequently Asked Questions

A common question we get here relates to the interface licenses for RS Dash. Users often purchase a license for one device and want to use that license across multiple devices. 

You are free to use an existing license you have purchased on another device as long as that device is running on the same platform that you originally purchased the license on. For example if you bought a license on the Google Play store, then you can use that same license on other Android devices you own that are also connected to the same Google Play store account.

What you cannot do is use a license you purchased for one platform on a device which uses a different platform. For example an app license purchased for an Android device (via Google Play) cannot be used on an Apple iOS or Microsoft Windows based device. The reason for this is that both Apple and Google do not allow the sharing of app licenses with other platforms, presumably as it could result in them missing out on their cut of the app license sale. 

To use an app license on another device running the same platform (iOS or Android), use the option cog --> "Restore Purchases" option on the main interface selection page.