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Unable to find the answers you need on our support pages? Just send us an email (address at the bottom of this page) for further assistance.

RS Dash Licensing

If you have a question about RS Dash licensing, please read our Licensing FAQ. first

Notice regarding F1 2020

Console users must be using v1.02 of the F1 2020 game or newer. The protocol in the earlier versions of the game is not compatible with RS Dash.

April 2019 - See RS Dash RaceRoom Racing Experience support page for an update on a recent game patch.

3rd October 2018 - The latest Project CARS 2 patch v1.7.1 will not work with older versions of RS Dash. You must update to RS Dash v2.0L or newer.

Notice regarding Project CARS 2

New users should use RS Dash to link with Project Cars 2, this is our official companion app for Project CARS 2.

Existing pCars Dash app users can use it Project Cars 2 by enabling the compatibility option in the game which allows any companion app that worked with Project Cars 1 to be used with Project Cars 2., but there are some limitations such as pCars Dash will not have any of the new track maps or new features added to RS Dash.

Please also be aware that Slightly Mad Studios are creating a new telemetry interface with additional features for Project CARS 2 and this will NOT be supported by pCars Dash, so while pCars Dash can be used now, it will be limited to the same features/tracks that were available for Project Cars 1.

Project Cars 2 console (PS4 / XBox1) players require the Project Cars 2 patch v2.0 to use the telemetry options.

RS Dash v2.0e

If you are having an issue with RS Dash v2.0e for Windows where you have black bars on both sides of the application, please re-download the installer from our website and run it again. The previous installer had an issue in fullscreen mode which caused this problem. If you are seeing this issue with any non Windows device, please let us know.

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