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pCars Dash

Mobile Telemetry App for Project CARS 1

It is recommended that all new users use our RS Dash app instead.

​pCars Dash is an iOS, Android and Windows compatible telemetry app for Project CARS 1.

It requires the following components to run
- Project CARS 1 (the game)
- Project CARS 1 Patch 7.0+ if you are a console (XBox1/PS4) user
- pCars Dash app on your iOS / Android / Windows 7+ device
- pCars Transmitter (PC only, if you want to use the shared memory interface specifically)
- A Wifi network connection between your PC/Console and your phone/tablet device.​


Notice regarding Project CARS 2

New users should use RS Dash to link with Project Cars 2, this is our official companion app for Project CARS 2.

Existing pCars Dash app users can use it Project Cars 2 by enabling the compatibility option in the game which allows any companion app that worked with Project Cars 1 to be used with Project Cars 2., but there are some limitations such as pCars Dash will not have any of the new track maps.

Please also be aware that Slightly Mad Studios are creating a new telemetry interface with additional features for Project CARS 2 and this will NOT be supported by pCars Dash, so while pCars Dash can be used now, it will be limited to the same features/tracks that were available for Project Cars 1.

RS Dash will have full support for the new Project CARS 2 telemetry added once it becomes available, currently it uses the Project Cars 1 compatibility option in the interim.

The Project CARS 1 game has two telemetry interfaces. The "Shared Memory" interface which is for PC's only and the "UDP" telemetry stream which is supported on all platforms. To use the "Shared Memory" interface for the PC edition, the "pCars Transmitter" application (link below) is required to be installed and run on the same Windows based PC that Project CARS is running on. 

Important Notice to PS4 / XBox1 users with Android devices: Some android devices will not work with the new broadcast UDP stream interface. If you have one of these devices and you play Project CARS on PS4/XBox1 then you will not be able to use this or any other 3rd party companion app. This is a networking restriction imposed by the manufacturer of your Android device, it is outside the control of myself and Slightly Mad Studios. In the future I will likely develop a relaying application that can be run on a PC on the same network as your console which would capture the UDP stream and convert it into something that your Android device will accept, but that is currently not available yet. Project CARS PC users with one of these problematic android devices can use the Shared Memory interface via the pCars Transmitter which will work fine as it can use the direct address of your device instead of a broadcast. 

Setup Guide

Please refer to the setup guide on the Support page.


Telemetry Pages

Below is a summary of each telemetry page found within the pCars Dash app.

Vehicle Page

Once the pCars Dash app is receiving a telemetry feed from Project Cars, it will automatically switch to the default vehicle status page as shown to the left. You can change pages by tapping on the screen.

To the left you have Oil and Water pressure (needle part of gauges) and temperature (digital part of gauges). 

To the right you have current lap counter, race position or game mode, fuel pressure (left needle) and fuel level (right needle) as well as a digital fuel level in the same gauge. Below that are the brake temperatures and the ambient and track temperatures. 

In the middle you have the vehicle status. Speed to the left, gear in the middle and RPM to the right (and slightly down). Above the digital RPM  is the pedal status chart. Clutch, Brake and Throttle percentage. Next to each wheel in gray is the relative grip %. Wheels will turn red when you have locked brakes (ie wheel has stopped spinning) and they will light up blue with wheelspin. 

In the bottom left corner of the screen is the settings button. This button can be used to toggle between KPH and MPH for the speedo. 

Race Page

The race page provides a real time view of important telemetry data needed during a race.

To the left you have the fuel statistics. The FUEL field at the top indicates the amount of fuel currently in the fuel tank.
The Target Usage field indicates the required fuel usage per lap to get to the end of the race without refueling.
The Fuel Use / Lap fields indicate the amount of fuel used per lap on average (Avg) and on the last lap (Last)
The Fuel Range fields indicate how many laps you can complete before you run out of fuel based on the average usage and the previous laps usage.
Laps remaining simply indicates how many laps are left in the race.

In the middle you have the tire, brake and suspension data. The big numbers above/below the tires are the current tire temperatures. The bars to the side of the tires is the amount of wear left on the tires. The brake icons in the center have a temperature shown above, and a damage indicator beside. Suspension components damage level is also shown. 

Along the bottom is the aero and engine damage indicators, as well as the current oil and water temperatures. 

Along the top is the shift light indicator with the RPM shown below (if device screen is big enough).

The right hand side indicates current gear, speed, throttle/brake/clutch percentages and lap timing. During a race, the gap to the player ahead (in green) and gap to the player behind (in yellow) is also shown.

Live Timing / Lap Chart page

The live timing page gives you an F1 style timing screen showing all players and their lap information.
The lap chart page gives you a lap by lap breakdown of your sector performance. 

You can switch between the live timing page and the lap chart page by clicking on the second and third icons in the top left corner. You can also change between views by swiping left or right. During a race, the timing screen can be swiped between 4 different display modes (the lap chart plus 3 alternative live timing views). During a race, the live timing screen can be changed between "Last Lap + Gap to player Ahead", "Last Lap + Gap to race leader" and "Fastest Lap + Gap to fastest lap". At the end of a race, the gap to race leader changes to be "Overall Race Time + Gap to race winner"

Purple Lap Number / Lap Time indicates fastest lap. Purple sector times indicate fastest individual sectors. Green timing lines indicate a personal best time, red timing lines indicate an invalid lap due to things like track cutting. 

Lite HUD Page

The lite HUD page shows a basic telemetry view in large font so it can be more easily read on smaller devices. 

Along the top is the shift lights, the current gear is the large yellow number in the middle, current speed is to the bottom left, and lap number, race position and fuel level is to the right. Current lap time is to the top left (in white), during a race the gap to the player ahead (in green) and the player behind (in yellow) is also shown. 

Along the bottom are the driving aids indicators (ABS, ESC, TCS). These will light up when that aid is triggered. The KERS indicator will also appear above the driving aids if the vehicle being driven supports it.

Map Page

The map page shows a map of the circuit and the position (on track and in the race) of all players.

Along the top left is the list of players and their race position. As players overtake or get overtaken they will move up or down the list and a red/green arrow icon will indicate there movement.

The rest of the page is the track map with markers for each car. The top 3 are colored Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively and the player is marked in bright green. All other players are in teal. During a multi-class race, players in a different class are coloured orange. 

The second icon at the bottom left is used to toggle between the three different map views. These views are "Overall map view", "player tracking view" and "player oriented tracking view". Tap the icon to toggle between the different views.

Graph Page

The sensor telemetry page shows a real time graph of key vehicle sensors as you go.

Along the top is the current sensor values. The colours for each value corrospond with the graph colours.

The first graph (gray) shows your gear selection at the time
The second graph (yellow) indicates vehicle speed
The third graph (blue) is the vehicles RPM
The fourth graph (brown) is the steering angle. The middle of the graph is no steering angle, above center indicates steering left and below center indicates steering right. 
The final graph is a combination of throttle and brake %. The green being the throttle position and the red being the brake position. 

Important Note: When the graph is longer than 1 page, you can scroll back and fourth using your finger to "drag" the screen. When clicking to change pages you must ensure you click a single position if you want to change pages rather than scroll the page.

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