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Pocket Rummi

Pocket Rummi is a challenging tile matching game based on a popular board game,

can you guess which?


Play against family and friends on Apple or Android phones, tablets or other compatible

touch devices.

Pocket Rummi can be played over a wireless network (wifi) using separate devices or on a

single shared device.

Play this popular board game with up to 4 friends or family, or even just practice against the AI to fine tune your skills.


New in v3.0

  • Added options to play against computer opponents (AI)

  • Improved automatic save game functionality

  • Updated Facebook interface

  • Added option to manually specify an IP address to connect to for LAN play



  • Mutliplayer over a Wifi (LAN) network using separate tablets, phones or other touch devices

  • Play with 2-4 Human players on same tablet, phone or other touch device

  • Play against up to 3 computer (AI) opponents

  • Play against family and friends on Apple or Android phones, tablets or other compatible touch devices.

  • Time limit options of None, 1, 2 or 5 minutes depending on how you like to play. 

  • Undo function for moves made during your turn 

  • Sort function to arrange your tiles for you 

  • Game automatically suspends/pauses when inactive or interrupted

  • Intuitive highlighting of modified tile rows to indicate valid and invalid tile combinations 

  • Small tile mode - smaller tiles to fit more on screen at once 

  • 28 Tile Start mode - all players can start with 28 tiles instead of 14, good for quicker games 

  • Optionally boast about your victories on Facebook

Pocket Rummi Rules

Pocket Rummi is based on a popular board game consisting of a set of 106 numbered and colored tiles. There are 4 different sets of colors numbered from 1 to 13. There is two of every number/color tile combination. There are also two "Wildcard" tiles which are explained further down. The objective of Pocket Rummi is to get rid of all your tiles by placing them on the "table" in valid combinations.

There are two primary ways you can group your tiles in Pocket Rummi and every group must consist of at least 3 tiles. The first way is to group tiles of the same colour in a numerical sequence (eg 3, 4, 5 or 7, 8, 9, 10 etc).  This type of grouping can have a maximum of 13 tiles. 



No Longer Available
Pocket Rummi
Pocket Rummi
Pocket Rummi
Pocket Rummi
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