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RS Dash ASR for Windows Installation Guide

Get RS Dash ASR for Windows

RS Dash ASR for Windows is the desktop client application for RS Dash ASR. It is a standard Windows Desktop application, rather than a Windows Store (UWP) application due to strict limitations with Windows Store apps that prevents them from being able to receive the telemetry data from any game running on the same the same computer, which effectively makes Windows Store app unusable for telemetry.

Software version updates for this method are a little more complicated, the software will let you know when a new version is available and provide a link to download it.

RS Dash ASR is compatible with

  • Windows 10 Version 1609+

  • Windows 8.1

Get RS Dash ASR for Windows by clicking on the "Manual Installation" option below.

Manual Installation Steps
  • Once you have downloaded the RS Dash ASR manual installer, complete the following steps

    1. Run the installer (eg RSDashASRSetup1-0-2.exe)

    2. If you are prompted by Windows Smart Screen, verify the publisher is listed as Pocket Playground and then accept the application to continue installing.

    3. Follow the installation wizard and start RS Dash ASR once the installation has completed.

    4. If you are prompted with a Windows Firewall warning, make sure that "Private networks, such as my home or work network" is ticked and then click [Unblock]. It is very important that you perform this step, if you do not unblock the application it may not be able to receive the telemetry data on the network. Steps will be different if you are using a 3rd party firewall.

Licensing RS Dash ASR for Windows

To use RS Dash ASR you will need to have a a subscription to one of our subscription based services. Subscription purchases are currently only available through the Android or iOS version of RS Dash ASR. You will need to use one of those versions to get yourself a subscription before you can use the Windows version. Unfortunately due to restrictions with Windows Store apps, we are not able to provide purchases directly from the Windows version. So to clarify, you must use the Android or iOS versions of RS Dash ASR to purchase your subscription, then you will be able to use the Windows version of RS Dash ASR (by signing in with the same RS Cloud account).

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