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RS Transmitter

RS Transmitter - Download Links

  • Download and install the RS Transmitter application from the link(s) below

Download RS Transmitter v2.3a for RS Dash App v2.6+

(Note: RS Transmitter 2.2e fixes issues with ACC HotStint and HotStintSuperMode modes and adds iRacing fastest lap support if RS Dash 2.4b+ is used)

Note: RS Transmitter v2.2+ uses a newer version of the Microsoft VC runtimes compared to previous versions. Most users should not have any issues running the latest version, however if you are unable to run the latest RS Transmitter app due to missing msvcr dll file errors, you will just need to install the correct runtimes first. To install these, simply goto and click the [Download] button. Select both the x64 and x86 version if you are running 64 bit windows, or just the x86 version for 32 bit windows.

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