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RS Dash - Project CARS 1 - Support / Troubleshooting

Project CARS 1 - UDP Interface Setup for PC, PS4 and XBox1

The Project CARS 1 racing simulator by Slightly Mad Studios can use UDP to transmit its telemetry to 3rd party applications such as RS Dash. By default this telemetry output is disabled. You will need to turn it on to be able to use RS Dash with Project CARS 1. 

IMPORTANT: Requires RS Dash v2.1+ and Project Cars 1 patch v11.0 or newer to use the telemetry options.

See the followings sections below for more information on

  • Direct Mode (UDP) Setup for PC / XBox1 / PS4

  • Troubleshooting

Step 1

Start Project CARS and ensure you have Patch 11.0 or newer. 
From the main menu screen, click on the right side to scroll over to the second part of the menu where the "Options & Help" button is located and click on it.

Step 2

Click on the "Gameplay" menu option

Step 3

Change the "UDP" setting located at the bottom of the screen to a value of 3 as shown.

The UDP option has a range of values from 1-9 and OFF which affect the transmission rate of the telemetry stream. A value of 4 (32ms, ie 30 times per second) is recommended for maximum compatibility). You may be able to use faster settings (lower numbers), but this is device and network dependant. If you choose a value that is too fast for your device you will have telemetry lag, ie the telemetry shown will be out of sync with your inputs. 

UDP OFF - no telemetry data is transmitted
UDP 1 - 60/sec (16ms)
UDP 2 - 50/sec (20ms)
UDP 3 - 40/sec (25ms)
UDP 4 - 30/sec (32ms)<-- Recommended
UDP 5 - 20/sec (50ms)
UDP 6 - 15/sec (66ms)
UDP 7 - 10/sec (100ms)
UDP 8 - 05/sec (200ms)
UDP 9 - 01/sec (1000ms)

Telemetry setup is complete and ready for you to start racing.

IMPORTANT: Project CARS only supports outputting its UDP telemetry as a network broadcast. This means it will work with multiple devices by default, however please be aware that some Android devices and some wifi routers will have trouble processing the telemetry when it is sent this way. This will result in telemetry lag or possibly even no telemetry feed at all (in rare cases). If you are experiencing lag issues, please check your router settings and try disabling settings such as "UDP Flood Protection", "DOS (Denial of Service) Protection", "Multicast Flood Protection" or similarly named. Lag issues can sometimes be resolved by slowing down the UDP rate, try using UDP 4 if you are experiencing telemetry lag to see if that helps. 

RS Dash v1.9p+ has a "Legacy NetCode" option which can help reduce lag on some devices. If you enable this Legacy NetCode option you should also set your Project CARS 1 UDP Frequency to 4 for the best results.

Project CARS 1 - Troubleshooting Tips

  • Ensure that you have followed the steps above to configure the interface correctly.

  • Verify that your device is connected to the same Wifi network as your PC / XBox1 / PS4.

  • Verify that your wireless devices are connected using the same Wifi frequency (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz) as your PC / XBox1 / PS4 if that is also connected wirelessly.

  • Try enabling the "Legacy NetCode" option in RS Dash v1.9p (or newer). You also need to set your Project CARS 1 UDP Frequency to 4.

  • Please ensure you have read the "IMPORTANT" notice in the Project CARS 1 - Interface Setup (UDP) section above, regarding telemetry lag.

  • See the general troubleshooting section here for additional troubleshooting tips

  • BT SmartHub / Superhub Troubleshooting

A big thanks to Peter for providing this information for the BT/Virgin Media routers

"I finally managed to get RSDash working with BT Smarthub 6.  The approach also work with Virgin Media’s Superhub 3.0.  It’s really simple and doesn’t require port forwarding. All you have to do is set the PS4 with a static IP address which requires a manual network setup and then put that IP address as a DMZ on the router. 

So for manual setup on PS4 you select your IP address within your routers IP range:

BT is 192.168.1.nnn

Virgin is 192.168.0.nnn

So select your IP address (making sure it’s not already assigned)



Gateway and Primary DNS as per previous settings for BT both

On the BT router go to advanced settings >> Firewall >> Port Forwarding >> Configuration

Set DMZ to on and select the PS4 by IP address and save setting.

Similar menu options on Virginmedia. 

I’d restart the router and PS4 then you’re good to go.

" -- Peter

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