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RS Dash Support / Troubleshooting

Need help with RS Dash? You've come to the right page

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  • If you have a question about RS Dash licensing, please read our Licensing FAQ.

Restoring Previous Purchases (iOS / Android)

  • If you have changed device or reinstalled the RS Dash application, you will need to "Restore Purchases" before you can continue using the interfaces that you previously purchased. Start the application and on the interface selection screen, click the cog icon in the bottom left corner and choose the "Restore Purchases" option. You must be signed in with the same app store account that you previously used to make the purchases.

  • If you are having trouble restoring purchases, please do/check the following things

    1. Restart your device​.

    2. Verify that your device is connected to the internet and can browse web sites.

    3. Verify that your device is setup to use the same app store account that you previously used to purchase the interfaces in the first place.

    4. Check the restrictions on your device to make sure in-app purchases are allowed.

    5. Check your purchase history in iTunes or Google Play for the account that you are currently logged into on the device to make sure you can see the original interface purchase listed.

General Troubleshooting Tips

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The mobile device you run RS Dash on and your gaming device must be connected to the same internal network. You can tell if they are on the same internal network by checking that the first three numbers in the IP address are the same on both devices. For example, both devices have an IP of 192.168.100.xx where the xx is different on each device. Another example might be 10.0.0.xx where the xx is different on each device. If any of those first three numbers are different, then it means that the devices are on different networks and they will not be able to communicate. The most common cause for this is that one device is connected to your internal network and the other is connected to your guest wifi network, instead of your internal wifi network.

  • Android device says "App license could not be verified with Google Play!" when starting the app. Check that your device is connected to the internet. Check that your date/time and time zone settings are accurate. If the time is different to the google play servers by too much then it will cause this error. It is recommended that you let the device synchronise its time from the Internet. If neither of the options above help, you may have an outdated version of Google Play Store and/or Google Play Services. See the troubleshooting tip below with regards to fixing these services.

  • java.lang.SecurityException: Neither user <userid> nor current process has This error will occur if your device is stuck with an old version of Google Play Store. You can fix this by completely uninstalling Google Play Store and reinstalling it, alternatively go to Apps -> Play Store -> Clear data and then do the same for Google Play Services. After that launch Google Play Store, set it up and wait for update.

  • Power off the device completely (on Apple devices, hold the power button until it comes up with "Slide to Power Off", then use the slider to switch it off). Wait for 10 seconds or so, then power the device back up. Wait for it to completely load and then start the application.

  • PS4 users should check their NAT configuration on the console. If it is not currently set to use NAT 2, please try changing to use NAT 2 to see if it resolves your issue.​

  • Telemetry lag can be caused by using a transmit rate that is too fast for some routers. If you are experiencing lag, try the following

    • For RS Transmitter try a transmit rate of 32.

    • For Project Cars 1/2 try use UDP 4 .

    • For F1 2017 try use 40Hz.

  • Telemetry lag can be caused by Ethernet over Power line devices. If you have one of these devices, try using a direct cable connection between your gaming device and your wifi router instead of connecting through an ethernet of power device.

  • Additional game specific troubleshooting tips can be found under the appropriate game setup section, linked from the tiles above.

  • Some Samsung android device users may experience issues with the screen effectively getting blacked out after 3 minutes. This is due to Samsung's "Game Tools" app (thanks for Giovanni for figuring this one out). You can disable this function by doing the following

    • Load RS Dash

    • Drag the android notification panel down from the top of the screen

    • Click on the "Tap to show game tools" option

    • Click the "Advanced Game Features" option

    • Turn OFF the "Auto Screen Lock" option

  • RS Dash for Windows users, if you are experiencing app crashes the likely cause is a bad audio or video driver in windows. A corrupted sound scheme has also been known to cause problems with windows applications (fixed by resetting the sound scheme to windows default in control panel -> sounds). Check your event viewer for hints as to the cause of the problem. The following is the solution to repeated crashing caused by a bad ASUS audio driver application as found by one of our users. "So… I was starting to notice that every crash was somehow connected to this “SS2DevProps.dll” in the Event Viewer. I’ve done some research and this is a library used by Sonic Studio II, an Asus software that is automatically installed when you install the audio drivers. A lot of people on the internet are complaining that this sonic studio 2 cause a lot of Windows app to crash. I don’t even use any of it’s features (it is incompatible with the optical out that i use as audio source) so i uninstalled it completely with all of its plugins. Now RS Dash seems to work properly, not a single crash in a 35 mins gameplay and all features are functioning as they should."

  • If you are connected to a network which you do not have control of, such as a university network it may be that you are unable to get the telemetry working due to network restrictions. One way around this if you have a laptop is to create your own hotspot and connect your devices to that instead. 
    Tip from Spanias: I made a hotspot with my laptop and connected it with my ps4 so 100% i would be on the same network and it worked

  • RS Dash for Windows fails to start with errors like
    RSDash.exe - System Error : The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
    RSDash.exe - System Error : The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

    RS Dash for Windows requires a specified version of the Microsoft VC runtimes. To install this, simply goto and click the [Download] button. Select the vc_redist.x86.exe version and install it.


  • Legacy Android devices (eg 4.4.2) are unable to login to the RS Dash.  This issue is caused by those devices having outdated root certificate authority lists which do not include Microsoft's newer certifying authorities. To resolve this issue you need to manually install the root certificates for Microsoft CA's on your device. The certificates can be downloaded from the official Microsoft repository here
    The certificate that needs to be installed is called "Microsoft Azure TLS Issuing CA 01", however it is recommended that all 4 of the "Microsoft Azure TLS Issuing CA" certificates are installed as the others may be used in the future.
    To install the certificates on your Android device, goto Settings -> Security -> Credential Storage section and click on "Install from SD card - Install certificates from an SD card". Navigate to the location of the certificates you downloaded from the link above on your device , select the certificate to install, give it a certificate name (enter the same name as the certificate), set credential use to "VPN and apps" and click OK. 
    You should now be able to login to RS Dash on this device.
    Note: There will likely still be a limit to how long these legacy devices will work for, as new security requirements that emerge for cloud services will eventually result in old legacy devices no longer being able to connect due to outdated/unsupported security protocols.

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