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What is RS Dash ASR?

This is the app required to sign up our subscription based premium services. This app is also used to record and upload the data required for the Advanced Analysis feature in the online portal, however it is also able to record and upload data for the Session History feature as well.


It uses improved algorithms over the standard RS Dash app, so can produce more accurate information for the online portal.

The app currently supports interfacing with Project CARS 2, F1 2020, iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione, however more interfaces are currently being developed and will be included in the subscriptions automatically once they are available. Please vote for which interface should be added next

What is the Advanced Analysis feature?

Our Advanced Analysis feature is designed for the serious sim racer. High resolution sensor data from your vehicle is recorded in real time and uploaded to the cloud for further analysis. This provides the ability to perform professional level analysis of your driving, comparing sensor data at any point along the track with other analysis laps to see where time is being lost or gained. You have the ability to compare things such as throttle & brake inputs, steering angle, gear, rpm, speed, g-forces, rolling lap time and more at any point within a lap. This sensor data is displayed on a track map overlay with accompanying graphs for detailed analysis.

For information on how to use the analysis feature in the portal, please

Watch Advanced Analysis Overview Video

Important: To use the Advanced Analysis review tools, you will require a tablet or desktop/laptop with a full HD resolution or greater. If you are unsure, please login to the portal and try the Analysis (Demo) before purchasing.

Unless otherwise stated, subscriptions that include Advanced Analysis provide storage for approximately 500 laps worth of analysis data (based on an average length track and 11 channels of data).

Note: Advanced Analysis is currently only available for the Project CARS 2, F1 2020, iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione interface. As more interfaces are added they will automatically be included in your subscription at no additional cost.

How does the existing RS Dash app relate to this?

Active premium service subscribers will have complimentary full access to every available interface in our standard RS Dash app across all supported platforms. They are also entitled to run the standard RS Dash app on multiple devices and platforms at once up to the number specified within the license.

Important: some features displayed in the screenshots are not available for all interfaces. Please check the "Supported Telemetry Features" guide in the support section of our website for a comparison.

RS Dash ASR setup and usage

Setup Information

The RS Dash ASR (Advanced Session Recorder) app is available through the Google Play (for Android), the App Store (for iOS) and also as a Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 #1609 compatible desktop application.

The RS Dash ASR app requires

  • An Android device with a Google Play account, OR, an iOS device with an App Store account, OR, a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC

  • An RS Cloud online portal login (

  • An internet connection

  • An RS Dash premium services subscription (available for purchase from within the app)

  • The Project CARS 2 game with telemetry configured as per our RS Dash PC2 setup page. For shared memory (RS Transmitter) users, please point RS Transmitter at the IP address of your RS Dash ASR device.
    OR the F1 2020 game with telemetry configured as per our F1 2020 setup page
    OR the Assetto Corsa Competizione game

    OR the iRacing simulator

  • To use the Analysis feature in the portal, a full HD or better tablet, desktop or laptop screen is required. The analysis feature will not be usable on a phone or low resolution screen. If you are unsure whether your screen is suitable, please use the Analysis demo in the RS Cloud online portal to try it out first.

RS Dash ASR App

IMPORTANT: This app is designed to operate as part of a premium services subscription plan (which can be purchased within the app), so please be aware that there are costs involved to use this app. Currently the only plan available is our "Professional" plan which is aimed at the serious sim racer who specifically wants to be able to use the Advanced Analysis tools. We intend to add a basic plan at a later time aimed at those who are primarily interested in getting access to the existing standard RS Dash app with all interfaces and the ability to use it on multiple devices at once, on any supported platform, as part of our cloud based service offerings.

Note: RS Dash ASR currently only supports Project CARS 2, F1 2020, iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione, more interfaces will be added after release.

The Android version of RS Dash ASR can be accessed by going to

The iOS version of RS Dash ASR can be accessed by going to

The Windows version of RS Dash ASR can be accessed by going to

RS Dash ASR for Windows download link

Any feedback for the app should be sent to

How to use RS Dash ASR and the Advanced Analysis Feature

  • Install the RS Dash ASR app from the appropriate app store

  • Run the RS Dash ASR app on your mobile device

  • Sign into the app using your RS Cloud account login details

  • Purchase a subscription by clicking the [Buy] button if required

  • Click [More Options]->[Settings] to configure your data sync settings.

    • There are separate settings rows for each session type (prac, qual, race, time trial, other)​

    • For any of these you can disable all telemetry recording by turning off the toggle button next to that session. 

    • For any of these you can configure different options for what data is collected specifically for the advanced analysis feature. You can choose from

      • None -> no laps in this session type are recorded in high resolution.

      • All Laps -> all laps in the sess​ion are recorded in high resolution.

      • Fastest Lap -> only the fastest lap from the session is recorded in high resolution

      • Fastest Lap per Pitstop -> only the fastest laps between each pitstop are recorded in high resolution.

    • Note: Session history (session details, session results and lap summary information) is always recorded in full when the toggle option for that session is set to enabled. The Analysis options listed above only relate to additional data that is recorded specifically for the Analysis feature in the portal. Note: You only have a limited amount of storage for high resolution laps so it is recommended to pick analysis settings that suit your usage.

  • Click [Start Recording] to begin the recording process.

  • The app must remain in the foreground while recording.

  • Complete one or more sessions in Project CARS 2, F1 2020, iRacing or Assetto Corsa Competizione

  • Review your recorded session information in the portal using the "Analysis" feature and/or the Session History feature. If you do not have any analysis laps stored against your account then it will load a set of demo laps instead.

  • We recommend you watch the Advanced Analysis Overview Video to get a good understanding of how to use the advanced analysis tools in the portal itself.

  • If you haven't already, please vote for which interface should be added next to the advanced session recorder.

Note: If you have multiple devices, you can run the normal RS Dash app or other 3rd party telemetry apps on those devices at the same you are recording with RS Dash ASR. Note however that if you run the normal RS Dash app at the same time and have it signed into RS Cloud and sync is ENABLED, then you will see duplicate sessions in the Session History (one from RS Dash ASR, and one from RS Dash). It is recommended you disable the RS Cloud sync in the normal RS Dash app if you are using it alongside RS Dash ASR at the same time.

When a session is completed, RS Dash ASR will upload a session history record for that session (much like the normal RS Dash app does now), but it will then also upload any detailed analysis laps that have also been collected. These are linked to that session. This means that if you delete the session recorded by RS Dash ASR in the portal, those analysis laps related to that session are also deleted.

If you have any questions about this new product or you do not understand parts of the information provided, please email for assistance.